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Top 5 FAQs

What is Poly/PVC Material?

Polyester/PVC material is a high quality, fabric cloth with PVC coating on the inside, which makes the material water and fire resistant.

What's the difference between PE
and Poly/PVC material?

Poly/PVC is luxurious material with a life expectancy double that of PE material. To achieve this level of quality, Poly/PVC is requires much more resources to manufacture than PE.

What does Multi-Span mean?

Multi-Span means you can add an extra 3m or 5m bay to increase the size of your marquee or structure. For example, if you have a 6m x 3m, tent you can purchase a 3m bay, which increases the size of your tent to a 6m x 6m marquee. For a 15m x 30m marquee, you can purchase additional 5m bay, extending your tent into a 15m x 35m marquee.

How many guests can I accommodate in a tent?

This depends on the type of event you are holding and number of guests. Also taken into consideration is whether guests are seated or standing, as well as space for dance floors, stages, reception areas as needed. A general rule of thumb is a minimum of 0.7sq.m (8 sq ft) per person for a standing event, and 1.4sq.m (15 sq ft) per person if seated. Our advisors can inform you of the suitable tent size based on your specified requirements.

How do I know if my site is suitable
for installing a marquee?

Most surfaces are suitable for installing a marquee. We typically use pegs driven into natural ground to support a marquee. However, surfaces where marquees cannot be pegged into the ground (i.e. paving, concrete or asphalt) steel or concrete weights can be used.